Break the money wall and win.

In the base game, arrow symbols appear in the video reels and are fired up to the top screen to remove cubes
-When an arrow hits a connected cube, all the cubes of the same color are also removed
-A money cube may then be revealed, which will explode and award credits
In the Ca$hcade bonus event, players fill the Arrow Progress meter to transfer play to the overhead screen
-When the arrow symbols appear, they are shot up through the top box and to the overhead 40 LCD screen to award even more credits
Players can also fill their Shared Progress meter to multiply their wins in the communal bonus feature
The Ca$hcade Progressive is awarded when five money cube symbols played with max credits bet appear
-Qualified players are guaranteed to win a share of the progressive prize no matter who is awarded the Ca$hcade progressive
Supports growing player interest in community bonus interaction
Interactive community bonus with encourages time on device
This unique game can be banked with up to eight Ca$hcade games that share one community bonus
The first-of-its-kind bonus with innovative individual and shared bonus events
MLD® version offers the 3D excitement exclusive to IGT games

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