Texas Holdem Heads Up Poker

Texas Holde'em Heads Up Poker

Texas Hold’em Heads Up Poker is new and exciting game.  No longer does the house have a built in edge with a rake or a pay table.  The player is virtually on equal ground with the house playing against “The Brain”.  The future of gaming is here today. The player has control over the table environment by simply touching the graphics in the upper right and left corners.  Change your drink or select one of the many lucky icons.  The lucky rabbits foot may be just what you need to win.

Unique features:

Neural Net Technology:
Adavanced artificial inteligence (the brain) will have you thinking your playing against a real person. It “thinks” before every move. It folds and bluffs just like a real player. If it played any more like a real person, it’d need bathroom breaks!

Peek Feature:
Allows the player to view the opponent’s pocket cards on all games that end in a fold.  This gives the player the advantage of looking into the soul of “the Brain” and calculating an appropriate strategy without having to call down to the river.

Multi Hit Bonus:
Gives the video poker player the pays and awards they are accustomed to, but on the Texas Hold’em platform.  A win on the Flop can also pay on the Turn and the River giving multiple opportunities of winning.


G2 Game Design developed this game, in conjunction with IGT, to be fun and entertaining for a wide range of audience. For more info on purchasing this game please contact the sales staff at IGT.



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